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Child Therapy


We treat the whole person because psychological pain has its origins in the complex interactions of personal and cultural history, physical health, individual neurochemistry, and life struggles. We will help you find meaning and peace in the context of complex family issues, your own history, and work and school challenges. We will work with you to develop new insights and fresh approaches to life's dilemmas.

Dr. Friede's experience as a doctor, scientist, and business executive in a wide variety of settings (CDC and other government agencies, industry; overseas and in shelters for unhoused people), gives him a broad perspective. He has special expertise in treating healthcare and business professionals and the parents of special needs or troubled children.  

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Not everyone needs medication, but if you do, Dr. Friede focuses on identifying medications for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, personality disorders, PTSD, addictions, and weight management. 


You may have found that psychiatric medications either do not help or have bothersome side effects. However, these issues can be caused by drug or alcohol use, sleep deprivation, or untreated medical conditions. We will help you sort this out.


There are now many new medications, and there is important new research on using medications in combination. We will work with you to develop a strategy that is right for you.



Sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness have a profound impact on mood, productivity, addictions, and relationships. We will help you find ways to sleep and eat better, and learn relaxation techniques, including meditation. Sometimes simple things can make a big difference. 

Many patients feel that they are stuck with habits they would like to change, such as going to bed late or overeating. Sometimes these habits persist because of underlying mental health issues. But sometimes it is the other way around. For example, lack of sleep can cause depression and overeating, which then makes you more depressed. We will work with you to get you back on track and feeling better as soon as possible. 

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